Event promotion design

“Dandism Collection” Flowers, haircuts and beer.

The event planned for the announcement of the original beer was the "Dandism Collection." In addition to beer, we incorporated other content to create a world view and promote sales.

A haircut and a bouquet are paired with high-quality beer that is reminiscent of an overseas gentleman. The location is under the overpass and the wall is designed with a flower wall. An ordinary warehouse becomes a space like Brooklyn, New York.

It is usually a place with few people, but if there is a lighted and designed space, people will stop and eventually gather. Drinking beer while getting a haircut, wearing a jacket, buying a bouquet, going out on a date, dinner, or having fun. It's been a night like that.

From that day on, the beer was recognized as a “dandy taste” and a “beer for adults”, and collaboration with major companies was realized. In addition, two different flavors are also manufactured, and it continues to spread even now. The purpose of “designing the space” here is to make it easier for users to understand the brand. increase the value of that wonderful product We will create a space to grow as a pillar of the company.


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