Space design & Creative direction


This was the second time the event was held in Okinawa, and the space and flexibility have improved.

In addition to adding furniture, we have added books and travel elements to enhance the artistic quality. In addition, by displaying a chronological table of the history written on the wall that has no restrictions, the purpose of the event is made easy to understand.

In addition to adding items and atmosphere, we succeeded in creating more detailed zoning for the wider area. For example, it was possible to set up a necessary living space in addition to a study, clothing, food and shelter.

A symbol tree can be seen in a straight line from the entrance. It expresses unwavering strength, as if there are things that do not change in the changing times.

What is it that really fascinates people? It may be state-of-the-art, but there is something about things that are timeless and loved. We want to cherish "it".


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