Space design

Coworking space “intelligence”
at Chatan Town, Okinawa Prefecture

Changed the use of a closed restaurant to a coworking space. In this scene, the balance between utilization and newness is important.

Sophisticated work spaces are rare. So I decided to create it.

Just working is not fun. That's why I decided to put a lot of books that would inspire creativity.

Attention to detail is also important. Even if everything is difficult, the air changes just by adding first-class things to the space.

I want a place where I can concentrate. But let's prepare a suitable space for those who say that closed spaces are not good.

The entrance is the most important part of the impression of the place, so sometimes it can be a dynamic presentation. But don't lose sight of the concept.

If you spend time and energy on the concept decision, the layout, surface, and furniture selection will only follow.


Let's creative together